Style Muse: Wendy Nguyen, Fashion Blogger of Wendy's Lookbook

Posted: Sep 14 2015

Dressing up couldn't have been made easier. Just follow a few tips from one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Wendy Nguyen at Wendy's Lookbook. We're a fan of Wendy's layering techniques and how she mixes and matches high and low end items to complete her entire look. Take a peek at some of her styles below, which we guarantee pair wonderfully with our entire collection here, and don't forget to check out her blog [Photo Credits: Wendy's Lookbook].

 Lookbook Styles


1. Pair your dress with a leather jacket: Whether your on the move to your next appointment or going to the ballet or holiday party, your leather jacket makes the entire look versatile for any occasion.


Get the similar dress.  Fit & Flare


2. Choose outerwear that compliments your dress, rather than overshadowing it.


Here is the  Skater Dress


3. Layer: You can use your favorite seasonal items all year-round if you take advantage of layering pieces.


Get the Ruffled Dress


4. Don't shy away from color: Explore your personal color palette; short, long, full, form-fitting, all styles are welcomed.


Maxi Dress can be dressed up or toned down  


5. Mix and Match: Whether its with a skirt or a bag, each outfit has a different feel to it when you pair them with different pieces from your wardrobe.


Leather Dress is a timeless piece


6. Take each look to the next level with accent pieces, like a leopard print bag or a fun feather skirt. If you're going for more of a casual look, don't be afraid to add a subtle hint of volume with a frill skirt. 


Accent Piece 


7. Last but not least, you can't go wrong with the classic little black dress.


 Get the Black Dress now


We hope this quick style guide gets your creative juices flowing. Venture through that wardrobe of yours and see what looks you can put together, especially with all the holiday festivities just around the corner. We'd love to see some of your ideas in the comments below. Thank you again to our style inspiration, Wendy at Wendy's Lookbook.

Until next time,

xoxo The Lookbook Styles Team


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